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Kiwi Fruit Benefits For Weight Loss Details Information

Kiwi Fruit Benefits For Weight Loss Details Image
Kiwi fruit is actually a really great for weight loss. The reason for this is because kiwi fruit is very low in calories and we love this characteristic about the fruit. Kiwi fruit is a nutrient-dense fruit that only provides 90 calories per 148-gram serving. Kiwi fruit is also very high in various minerals.  When we say minerals, we are talking about folate, folic acid, potassium and also zinc.  All of these minerals are found in high amounts in just one cup of kiwi fruit.

Vitamin C and Folate

The kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, and a single serving of the fruit provides 137 milligrams, or 240 percent of the daily requirement, of vitamin C. A high vitamin C intake helps improve immunity, fights signs of aging, heals wounds and is an effective antioxidant. Kiwifruit also provides about 10 percent of the daily requirements of folate, a nutrient that aids in the formation of red blood cells. Deficiency of folate during pregnancy can increase risk of spina bifida and neural tube defects in the fetus.

Kiwi Fruit Benefits For Weight Loss

Provided to be, kiwi fruit contains a lot of enzymes, which accelerate the burning of fat and contribute to formation of strengthening collagen fibers (as in papaya, pineapple and fennel). A direct relation between this fact and weight reduction does not exist, but if you're looking for slender figure, you simply need to pay attention to this wonderful fruit. Because even if we forget about burning fat, kiwifruit can be clearly attributed to the dietary products

This makes kiwi fruit a great choice for those who are trying to lose weight. You can replace a junk food snack with a cup of kiwi fruit and still be just as satisfied!  Kiwi fruit tastes great and you can have it alone as a snack or add it to one of your meals.  Regardless, its low glycemic index and low calorie characteristics will make this fruit a definite hit when it comes to trying to lose weight.

High Fibre Content on Kiwi Fruit

Kiwifruit by the way also contains a high amount of fibre and hence, is great for digestion. And by now, many of you are aware that a good digestive system also promotes good skin from inside out. I was told that the low calories in kiwi fruit can help one slim down.

Kiwifruit in Meals

The key to enjoying kiwifruit is to eat it when it is ripe and sweet. Kiwifruit can be eaten any time of the day, and you can start your day with a kiwifruit smoothie or make kiwifruit pancakes for breakfast. For lunch, add the emerald green flesh of kiwifruit to shrimp or chicken salad. You can even use pureed kiwifruit as a marinade for meats or for making a healthy dessert sauce to top your favorite ice cream.

They are also useful for those with hypertension / high blood pressure. It's because of the massive amounts of potassium they contain. So, next time you grab for a potassium-filled banana, reach beyond your comfort zone and grab a kiwifruit instead.


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